This is the last except of what I experienced travelling the back gravel roads.
It was something very special for me.

Slowly I moved forward, the red truck behind me did also.

Two vehicles came from the other way just as I came up beside the fawn.This tiny little baby deer stood looking at all the commotion on the road and there in the woods behind him, was his mom, peeking out of the trees.

We all moved ahead. There were three vehicles now, a van had come up behind the red truck. Just ahead was a corner and as I reached it, I pulled to the side and the red truck pulled up beside of me. The van moved pass us, turning, going on his way.

I said something like “That was pretty special”. The red truck driver answered an emphatic “Yes!” We agreed that we couldn’t move pass the fawn, it was worth waiting to make sure he got to safety.

Off we went on our way feeling, at least for me and I believe also the guy in the red truck, that we had witnessed something special. The doe and her fawn, most likely just grateful to have survived a traumatic situation.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2012