Today I am going to write the feelings I felt when hearing of my friends beloved dog’s death sentence – aggressive bone cancer.
A few weeks back I wrote of his experience of having some teeth extracted. Unfortunately, they were not cracked or decayed. His jawbone was infected with cancer and now he has only a few weeks.

We deal with death every single day
We survive to breath, not fade away
Into nothingness soul in tow
Morse dismay, sadness, heartache
Hard to bare this weight of death
Crushing, nothing spared.

Remorse loving lost
Cherished deep, deep down here
We deal with death every single day
It never ever goes away.

Heartache, sadness bitter truth
Forcing all to see despair
Brought on in innocence
No more to hide in cloak of light
Opened up with angry fight.

Tender loving stroke your fill
For tomorrow never will
Bring true happiness in this
Sad, sad land where death comes
To ones we love
That stand on guard
Dying here with no, no nothing feared.

God grant us just a chance
To spare this life
And not deal with death
This single day
Let it stay far away.

Blessed be the soul that comes
Holding love for all sadness one
Love, hurt, anger, dread crushing down
Feel no more
Be it tender heart to soar
High up where the mighty roar.
~ Patrice


~ For Kado and those that love and cherish him ~


© Patrice Clarkson – 2012