Today is a sad day for me
Today was the day I knew in my heart
My mom was dying.

Nothing, nothing I could do
Or say would stop it
This I knew in my heart
But not my head.

Anguish, fear, frightened
Looking for the answer
That would save her
Keep her here with me
Sadly, not to be.

Not once did I think
That maybe she had had enough
And wished to go
Oh no.

When I look back on this day
I see it was all about me
My feelings, my hurt
My need to have her here with me.

I said Goodbye that day
While deep inside, my heart knew
My head refused
Believing we’d have more, more happy days.

That inner voice, my heart
It knew
It knows the future and has lived the past.

She passed
She passed the next day
My mom, she passed away.
~ Patrice  

My Mom ~ Photo by Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2014