Monsters of Boston Marathon ~ photos courtesy of CNN

Monster caught
Without a shot
Only a few hundred
Just before
But then he’d killed
Some more.

Now folks can sleep
And get some rest
A monster kills
No more.

His brother dead
Shot in the head
But not before
Bombs blew again
Once more.

Hid himself
The monster did
Bleeding not running

Police had him
In a trap
Then he slipped away
Once more.

Hid in a boat
David’s boat
Couldn’t sneak away
No more.

Bleeding he’s found
Shots exchanged
Bullets ripped
Throughout the scene
Then a silent theme
Once more.

Police quietly hid
And waited til monster
Could no more.

Kill and maim children
Who hadn’t done a thing
To him
A monster is a monster
No more.

People cheered
And clapped their hands
Celebrating far into night
For the fight is
No more.

Cheering police
Thanking them
For risking life and limb
Bringing in a monster
Who won’t kill again
No more.

Monsters reign no more.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2013