Maya, Maya Angelou ~ My Hero.

Maya Angelou was and is my hero, my saviour.
Long before I wrote this blog or anything for that matter, one day, I came across a Daily Affirmation calendar of Maya’s sayings and other affirmations
inspired by her. 

I needed it, no matter the cost.
You see, at that time I had very, very little money to spare and to spend it on a ‘Daily Affirmation’ calendar was well, frowned upon ~ by me.

It was a life preserver, a lifeline to a drowning soul. 

Her writings are magical. They saved me. Made me feel like I was important, had rights, dreams and could dare to dream and accomplish what I desired. This grand lady inspired not only me, but the whole world. I am so grateful for having this wonderful, talented, perceptive lady to guide me in my life.

Adieu great, fine lady, adieu. 
~ Patrice.  

Maya Angelou

Maya, Maya Angelou ~ My Hero.

© Patrice Clarkson – 2014