In the near future and the past
Everything was aghast.
Not so liked but tolerated
Sad to say, that was my past.

I am aghast I let it past
Say no more and move along
My life is worth more
Than a sad, sad song.

Vince's Border terrier ~ Watercolour Art by PatriceSee you there
In that happy place
Full of joy, full of grace.
You will bow and I will chase
All the butterflies that giggle
And face the troubles
I’m trying to erase.

Maybe now it does not exist
Because I showed them
I will resist.

Be ye happy.
Be ye pleased because together
We brought them to their knees.
Here, in the near future
And most likely in the past
With absolute ease.
~ Patrice 

© Patrice Clarkson – 2011