Holy crap, holy shit
How did this come to be?

Drove into dusk
To a friends house
For a brake adjust
Enjoyed our time
Heated garage, work all done
Chinese food, a little dim sum.

Driving  home in the dead of night
Turned a corner and what a fright
Flew fast, skidded left
Then a half a circle to the right
In a split second saw all my life.

Came to a stop
Teetering on the edge
Of a snowbank facing back
To where I’d come from.

Took a breath backing up
Turned around
Go forward asking
“What was all of that?”

Trade places for a ways
Smoke billowing, smell frightening
We might just have a blaze.

Park it, wait for the tow truck
Holy shit, holy crap
Go for a brake job
Come home
In a flatbed tow truck.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2012