Halloween Face in Window ~ Photo by Patrice

Halloween comes creeping
To the door
All withered, stooped asking for
Trick or treat
Maybe something more
Smiling toothless face leering
Into vacant space
Blood dripping onto gruesome cheek
Screeching voices crack the night
Laughing hysterically
No remorse if no treat tonight.

Now fear is my plight
Quickly shove
The treat out the door
Into grasping bags
Til no more
Smiling it seems in pleasant surprise
When in fact I fear I have died
Slam the door
Lock it quick
Make sure there is no trick.

Cut the lights
Curtains drawn
Sit in darken space
Hoping monsters, witches
Will not be back
Nor leave some gruesome trace.
~ Patrice  

Happy Halloween!

© Patrice Clarkson – 2016