Yesterday I received an email that is devastating to all concerned.
Haley, a rescue rottie we fostered many years ago, has a bone tumor on her upper leg joint that’s advanced.
There is no good news.
This little girl is no ‘Just another rottie’ oh no! She changed how they dealt with any rottweiler that came into the Windsor Humane Society.
Before Haley, all rottweilers were euthanized upon entering the system there. She was their ‘test’ rottie. If she could become a loving, trustworthy pet, then they would reconsider their policy.
For the past 10 – 11 years she has done just that. Saving who knows how many rottweilers.
A brave, courageous little girl, opinionated, loving, devoted.
Her folks, Brigitte and Eelke are people that we all should strive to be. Unconditional love, understanding, patience. Thank you so much for your gift of a loved and loving life to Haley for these past years. I trust that the pills will work, giving her and you a little time.
I am so sorry for this heartbreak. It shouldn’t happen. She should be able to leave quietly, in her sleep, no pain.

I’m so very, very sorry. So very sad, so very sorry.

Haley, you’re the BEST.

~ Patrice