A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a lady named Melissa at DVG Nationals.
Last Saturday her and her husband, John had a devastating house fire. They lost 3 of their old Malinois, one of which was the first dog she ever titled Bouchle (13) and Nash (11), her first dog that took her to the DVG nationals, Bonsi, a Flash son that was her husband John’s dog. 2 of their cats, Melissa’s parrot that she had for 21 years and Dennis the French Bulldog were also lost in the fire.  A total of 9 animals lost their lives.
Such a devastating tragedy this is.
Melissa is a strong person, but this is enough to bring anyone down.  She’s had most of these animals for many, many years and is now just trying to get through the days.

Our hearts and prayers are with you Melissa and John.