Courtesy of Bronwyn Page

Darwin the Ikea monkey
Born neither wild or free
But in captivity.

It’s always been what he’s seen
Raised like a little man
Brushing teeth
Sleeping arm in arm
With a dedicated mom.

Life was good
But not the way it should play
Until that day on the way
To do a little shopping
He got out.

And in the Ikea parking lot
His life changed forever
That day.

They whisked him off
From the only mom
He believed was the one
To show him everything
He needed to make his way.

In a cage with other ones
He learns to be not a little man
But a monkey who can stand
And leap from here to there.

The sad thing is
He’ll never be
A monkey
That is free.

It’s not about you or me
It’s about how can we
Make him what he should be
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2012