The Answer

I don’t know the answer Or The way Only thing I can do Is have faith And Move forward On my path Hopefully It is the answer It is the way. ~ Patrice © Patrice Clarkson – 2020

The Answer

Sought to seek the answer the spirits speak Never once thinking to look inside To see the answer that I need The answer, which is here inside of me. ~ Patrice © Patrice Clarkson -2018

The Reaction Isn’t Scheduled

The reaction isn’t scheduled But its swift No farther assistance is taken No follow up exists. The universe knows the answer Knows the procedure That makes living Nothing less than bliss. So sigh a deep breath For all is coming Coming to give you A loving and...

I Don’t know The Answer

      I don’t know the answer Even as the question Isn’t asked. The flow knows the answer It leaves it on a bed Of relevance Fearing nothing Only feeling dread. I don’t know the answer But not to say the answer Isn’t in my head....

I Seek The Answer

I seek the answer Questioning The reason things happen. While souls stand silent Not giving the answer The reason. It all comes with Living Within reason. ~ Patrice © Patrice Clarkson – 2017