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Terrible Things Happen

Terrible things happen In terrible times Suffer and subjugate Seems to be the way of life In this certainly Not a nursery rhyme. Will I persevere Will I see the light? Questions, answers Not seen tonight. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find my way Maybe then joy will be...

This Lady

In another place, another time This lady Was my nursery rhyme. She held me close, she kept me far She taught me to believe In my star. ~ Patrice © Patrice Clarkson – 2017

Crisis Crunch

Crisis crunch Not a blessed thing I can do Master anger here in charge Not letting anyone disregard All this mess spread about. Anger, frustration Does abound Method used is not the one Must change my options Find someone who knows Quiet, elegant all Those wonder...

Spring Has Come

  Spring has come and sweet blossoms blow On a gentle breeze full of promise Creating magic in this that could be A nursery rhyme. ~ Patrice © Patrice Clarkson – 2013