Little Trout Slideshow by Vivienne

Before you have a look at the videos of my creating  the Trout Drawings, just wanted to share with you a slideshow of Trout as a puppy.
This slideshow was given to me and created by Vivienne  

The Trout

Pen & Ink Drawing Videos

The Reference Image Selection

making the decesion of which image to use as reference for the Trout Pen & Ink Drawing

Rough and Final Pen & Ink Artwork

Working on the Rough Drawing and Starting the Final Pen & Ink Art of Trout’s Headstudy

Final Pen & Ink Artwork

Completing the  Final Pen & Ink Drawing of Trout’s Headstudy

The Second Trout Pen & Ink Sketch

As I completed the Trout Drawing, I felt compelled to do a 2nd. I asked Vivienne and Dave if this would be okay with them – Their choice if they wanted to take it. So I begin this 2nd Drawing of Trout – Enjoy

see what has already being created

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