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Our AggyNo more to hear
That groan of frustration
And indignation at my stupidity
No more.

No more racing, running
Chasing those damn cats
Or playing just for fun
No More.

No more glare
Of stubbornness
With the “I’ll do it if I want to”
“You can’t make me” look
No More.

No more timid look of
“Do you love me too?”
No more cuddles on the sofa
No more smile of pleasure
With the “They Love me too!” look
No more.

No more
silent understanding or sharing
With her
‘Best Friend Ever’
No more.

No more silly pranks
Or giving of the paw
No more.

No more looking
Into those bright brown eyes
No more stroking
That rakish soft coat
No more.

No more the belief that
Love alone can save a soul
No more.

All that is left is
No more. No more.
~ Patrice

Rest in peace and love Aggy ~ June 14/01 – March 12/13

© Patrice Clarkson – 2013