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Picture over Lake Huron sent to Anne-Marie van Santen by one of her page visitors.

Holy smoke, holy crap
We survived all of that.

Pouring torrent of driving rain
Wind hollering thru branches
Blowing here then there no refuge anywhere
Lightning strikes, thunder claps
A storm it is
Holy smoke, holy crap.

Then the rain slows down to a tickle
Leaves stand still, not a ripple
While overhead there is such a roar
Flashing light amidst yellow clouds glowing bright
Otherwise dark as night.

Over not soon enough so frightening to see
We wrap ourselves in blankets warm
Cause hydro off and we can’t deny
A storm came thru wrecked havoc all around
Now is gone, there’s not a sound.

We sit a day or two
In a blaring generator town
Waiting for the lights to come on
And we can once again communicate
With all of you.

Holy smoke, holy crap
We survived all of that.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2015