Flashing, Crashing, Pouring Down Storm ~ photo by Patrice

Battle as if it is your last
Incoming, incoming
Take no prisoners
Make sure you are the last
Never show that you are alone
Never show you care.

Battle hard
Use every weapon that you see
Leave nothing to chance
Or destiny.

Battle as if it is your last gasp
Never ever expect help to arrive
For you are the only one
Alive in your world
You must
You must survive.

Marten River - photo by Patrice

Then you hear
A haunting call calming wind
And your breath is taken in
As you know
Someone great Is at the door
Someone you’ve never seen before.

Someone kind has come
To have your back
You can lay down
The weapons used to destruct
You can kneel and be kind
Knowing that you’re no longer
Or ever been

Love is here embracing you
Treating life gently
With love coming from all around
Making you grow
Becoming the one you wanted
Always to know.

Battle not
Accept the love
You are not lost but found
Look all around.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2013