I experienced something very special on my way into town travelling the back way on gravel roads.

Ahead in the distance, a doe was frantically running back and forth at the side of the road. Between her and my car was a tiny figure heading slowly towards her. Realizing it was a small fawn, I stopped. Behind me was a red truck that stopped too.

The doe jumped, raced back and forth in a panic. You could see she wanted to get her baby to safety. Even though there was bush all along the side of the road, for some reason she felt he must come up the road to her. She kept backing up, coming ahead, encouraging him, looking back at us in such an obvious dilemma. Get her baby to safety or do what her instincts said she must do to survive, run.
– To be continued. 

~ Patrice









© Patrice Clarkson – 2012